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SUBJECT: Scofield and Stern at Berks Jazzfest Back to Subjects
Apr 03 2013
at 2:10 PM
My favorite time of the year is upon us with 10 days of jazz coming into Reading Pa from 4/5-4/14. It kicks off Fri night with 2 shows by John Scofield along side Mike Stern. They are playing in a small jazz club venue that features a midnight jam afterwards. I can only hope one or both of them hang around to join in. Can’t wait!
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Apr 19 2013
at 12:44 PM
Bookmark and Share I agree. I am not as big a fan of Stern as Sco, but I was impressed with his playing live. His solos were excellant.
Apr 18 2013
at 10:40 AM
Bookmark and Share I caught their show in Evanston IL last week. Great show and great guitar interplay. All were having fun and wide variety of music played from ballads to blues. Stern was better live than on recordings.
Apr 07 2013
at 4:20 PM
Bookmark and Share Great show. Both Sco and Stern were having a blast and were in great form.At $38 this hour 20 minute performance was a steal.
Apr 04 2013
at 2:59 PM
Bookmark and Share No this is the John Scofield’s Hollowbody Band featuring Mike Stern Ben Street Bill Stewart
Apr 03 2013
at 9:22 PM
Bookmark and Share If Sco is with his organic trio (Larry Goldings and Greg Hutchinson), don’t miss it. I saw them in Burghausen, Germany a couple weeks back, review here, for any interested:
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