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Tom Rudd
Feb 11 2013
at 8:38 AM
Record of the year. Seems a rather obscure choice. Any one familiar with this Belgian - Australian artist. Has this artist had much exposure in the US?
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Tom Rudd
Feb 13 2013
at 5:39 AM
Bookmark and Share Mountain, as I say i never have heard of this artist either. But then again I don’t listen to the radio, and If I do it woud be a jazz station. Listened to snipets of one of his CD’s , and it sounds pretty good.
Feb 12 2013
at 2:18 PM
Bookmark and Share "mountain"-I never heard of this guy,or the song for that matter.But then I’m a cave dweller.But I have heard "Call Me Maybe".
Feb 12 2013
at 1:09 PM
Bookmark and Share I first heard the song as a cover on YouTube by the group Walk Off The Earth, all gathered around one acoustic guitar with everyone playing different parts on that one guitar ... very cool and really well done. I love the original Gotye version, too ... maybe the best song Sting never wrote! Sometimes I play it on solo piano gigs ... really nice tune, and a well deserved Grammy.
Feb 12 2013
at 8:00 AM
Bookmark and Share He was all over the place last spring with that piece. I know what you mean though, if it wasn’t for having a teen who is really into music, I’d have no idea about him at all. Reminds me of Bon Iver a bit. Just when I feel like giving up on anyone actually pushing the edges of popular music these days, these guys restore my faith a bit by moving it down the road a bit. It may not be this old geezer’s cup of tea all the time, but it sure beats the pablum that tries to pass for music these days. As a side note, gotta say I was blown away by Bon Iver over the summer at the Bank Boston Pavilion. Completely unique sound.
Feb 12 2013
at 5:46 AM
Bookmark and Share Live under a rock, do you? The song "Somebody I Used To Know" has been over exposed, covered by almost every social video music group or singer and parody. The are literally hundreds of youtube videos of ths tune. Exposure in the US? You are kidding, right? The first 100 times I heard the song it was enjoyable. The last 400 times have been rough.
Feb 11 2013
at 4:24 PM
Bookmark and Share Gotye (instead of Goyte)! A Belgian- Australian act. Not bad, at all.
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