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SUBJECT: Lot’s of new PM responses on the Q and A section. Back to Subjects
Jan 07 2013
at 1:43 PM
Looks like he is answering questions for the first time in a while.
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Apr 11 2013
at 8:31 AM
Bookmark and Share To me, there is now and always has been a relatively small group of people with ears who appreciate really good music. Maybe it is 1percent of the population at any given time?
Apr 08 2013
at 2:15 PM
Bookmark and Share nothing better then reading from the Man himself ! Nice to read that there may be both more Meheny/Mehidau in the future , a live Unity band recording(in particular the live versions of signals I have heard are amazing !)
Apr 02 2013
at 9:28 PM
Bookmark and Share There are more!
Feb 07 2013
at 2:09 PM
Bookmark and Share And now there are some more! Including a couple that are very interesting.
Jan 08 2013
at 7:36 AM
Bookmark and Share Thank you for the heads up...I’ll be right over.
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