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SUBJECT: More Liner notes on iTunes! Back to Subjects
Dec 23 2012
at 11:59 AM
Having just responded to Frank Sexton’s thread about buying music, I started thinking again about liner notes. Does it bother others that iTunes rarely includes the liner notes in their jazz library? I really like to know who is in the line-up as well as some of the interesting facts that often accompany the CD.
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Dec 27 2012
at 9:43 AM
Bookmark and Share I have used to find the credits and good background information on specific albums. They upgraded their format and have lost a lot of the fun stuff like searching every recorded version of a song by title. The flash format does not print and the new format is difficult to navigate. What other sites do people use to complete session information?
Dec 24 2012
at 9:01 AM
Bookmark and Share I miss the artwork,packaging and liner notes in a readable font.
Dec 23 2012
at 6:40 PM
Bookmark and Share "mugsy"-I agree with you.Sometimes they have "digital booklets" with some of the recordings,but more often they don’t.So,I too find myself missing information I’d like to know-Who’s on first? Who’s on second?,etc.
Dec 23 2012
at 5:21 PM
Bookmark and Share Doesn’t bother me that much. There’s so much info available on the web that it makes liner notes obsolete. Unlike the good old days when I bought Pink Floyd’s Wish You Were Here on album, and got a poster and postcards included within. Now I am really showing my age.
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