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SUBJECT: Replacing the GR-300 Back to Subjects
Nov 05 2012
at 7:53 PM
Check this out gearheads! There may be a replacement for the Roland GR-300 after all with this new device. Start at 1:00. v=OY8snXBtVZI&feature=g-all-u
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From: Message:
Nov 07 2012
at 11:56 AM
Bookmark and Share All three URLs work just fine if you simply remove the space character after the question mark.
Nov 07 2012
at 10:52 AM
Bookmark and Share Sorry about that. Youtube adds these extensions to the URL for advertising and tracking. what you would have to do is copy the URL and then cut out the "&" and everything that follows. Or just go to the root. v=OY8snXBtVZI
Nov 07 2012
at 8:31 AM
Bookmark and Share Can’t get either link to work on youtube.
Nov 06 2012
at 9:08 AM
Bookmark and Share URL was changed to v=OY8snXBtVZI&feature=plcp
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