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Nov 01 2012
at 2:37 AM
A review of Bobo Stenson Trio’s Indicum, today at All About Jazz. Four years after Cantando, the Swedish pianist is back with the same trio that made that album such a success: longtime bassist Anders Jormin and relative newcomer, drummer Jon Fålt (though a member of the band for more than seven years, it’s hardly appropriate to call the still young drummer the new kid on the block). Another fine collection of music from diverse sources, including three focused free improvisations, Indicum also features something different. While Bill Evans has, along with Jan Johansson, been one of Stenson’s most significant touchstones, he’s never recorded anything by the late American pianist before. Here, for the first time, he records a beautiful solo version of a late-period tune only heard on posthumous live recordings, as well as a tune by George Russell, from their collaborations on 1972’s Living Time (Columbia), but played (of course) with Stenson’s own inimitable style. Review here: Sent from my iPad
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Nov 21 2012
at 8:46 AM
Bookmark and Share did I mention I have Bobo’s autograph (on a Charles Lloyd cd) ? Pretty good for a boy from Detroit ! This one is on my Christmas Wish list.
Nov 11 2012
at 3:00 PM
Bookmark and Share Hi Frank, Can’t recall about Works as I never had it..didn’t buy ’cause I had all the material on it. But thanks for the kind words, as ever. I think it’s important that Anders and Bobo played with Lloyd for so long, because Bobo’s never been prolific, when it comes to releasing records, so you can really hear their evolution together (and in collaboration with more than one drummer, which makes it all the more revealing, imo), even if outside the context of the Bobo Stenson Trio. Cheers!
Nov 10 2012
at 5:47 AM
Bookmark and Share Indicum is a very warm and stylish album of chamber jazz. Love it.
Nov 08 2012
at 1:44 PM
Bookmark and Share John, I read your review which I found very interesting both for your discussion of the evolution of Jan’s sound and also for bringing up the Charles Lloyd connection.I also have the JG album Works which has a couple of the tracks from the other albums doesn’t it?
Nov 06 2012
at 8:58 AM
Bookmark and Share If you like Witchi, you might be interested in my review of the Dansere box that came out earlier this year, collecting the three early-to- mid-’70s albums Stenson did with Garbarek, including Witchi, Dansere and Sart:
Nov 05 2012
at 10:21 AM
Bookmark and Share One of my all-time favorite albums is Witchi-Tai-To with Bobo and Jan Garbarek. I was lucky to actually see him play live with Charlas Lloyd and Billy Higgons in LA (I was on a business trip and was taken see the concert when they found out I liked Jazz) and get his autograph.
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