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Oct 03 2012
at 6:20 PM
Although I’m surprised by the venue selection, I can hardly wait to see Unity Band here on Sunday! It’s been twenty years since I’ve attended a show at the Playhouse, but I remember it feeling like my old high school auditorium, except smaller. Due to the general admission seating, I’m not sure how early I should be there to snag a good seat. Any suggestions from fellow Atlanta-area Pat fans would be greatly appreciated :)
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Oct 12 2012
at 8:45 PM
Bookmark and Share In response to dharlow: The 7th track on the Unity Band CD is "Signals" (Orchestrion Sketch), so I suppose that’s the one.
Oct 11 2012
at 8:18 AM
Bookmark and Share What is the name of the composition where the Orchestrion is unveiled? It’s one of the most beautiful and haunting songs I’ve ever heard.
Oct 09 2012
at 11:59 AM
Bookmark and Share drove from Knoxville to see the show. Great little theatre in a funky section of town (little five points). Sat in lower level off to the side with great view of all of them. Place was packed and listening to all of these great musicians. Antionio was smoking and focused as usual. First time I have seen Chris Potter and he is amazing. The flute on the encore was haunting. Pat seemed to enjoy himself and I agree with previous posters, Pat has taken his playing to a new level. The four of them are a well oiled machine since they have played together for almost a year. Please go see the Unity Band if you can. Wish I could hop a plane and see them in NYC at town hall
Oct 08 2012
at 4:57 PM
Bookmark and Share Another great show from Pat. We made the two hour trip down and stayed the night. This was the sixth time I’ve been able to catch him close by. First general admission show I’ve seen him at. We got great seats down front with no trouble. Antonio Sanchez is just a powerhouse drummer! Ben and Chris are also great musicians. It will be interesting to see what direction Pat takes next as far as trio, group, quartet???
Oct 08 2012
at 10:34 AM
Bookmark and Share glad to see some ATL folks on here. last night’s show was amazing as usual. pat was definitely energized by playing with chris and ben. of course, antonio was insanely amazing. i could spend hours just watching to the dude play drums. the bass solos were also exceptional. loved the unity tunes and the encore was a surprise! did not expect orchestrion stuff, but was so psyched to see it as i missed that tour. just a great great time. i too was surprised by the venue. not much of a hassle though. i would’ve thought it’d be a bigger venue with potter and methany fans coming out. now, what’s next on the horizon for pat?
Oct 08 2012
at 7:58 AM
Bookmark and Share I guess if I drive up from Tampa,I’d better leave at 6AM. Otherwise,it will all be for "naut". :)
Oct 07 2012
at 11:02 PM
Bookmark and Share I just returned from the show, and all I can say is...if the world could be powered by genius and joy, then Pat would be the greatest energy source on the planet.
Oct 06 2012
at 7:27 AM
Bookmark and Share What time’s the show? 7pm? Get there about 2pm. I did, at the Botanic Gardens. ISYN.
Oct 04 2012
at 2:44 PM
Bookmark and Share They’ll tell you when and then show up 30 minutes before that. : )
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