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Unity Village Idiot
Sep 25 2012
at 11:57 AM
Just unwinding from my return from the Monterey Jazz Festival. Saw Pat twice, with the DeJohnette Special Trio and the Unity Band. I was trying to remember the tunes the special trio played. Jack was awfully quiet, only stopping once to make any kind of announcement. I remember that they opened with Turnaround, and finished with Question and Answer followed by Solar as sort of an encore. I can hear the melody of the second tune in my head but can’t grasp the title. Does anyone remember the other tunes they played?
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Oct 01 2012
at 10:28 AM
Bookmark and Share there is website for the festival , I wondr if someone there could fill you in.
Sep 29 2012
at 3:17 PM
Bookmark and Share Christain McBride
Unity Village Idiot
Sep 29 2012
at 11:43 AM
Bookmark and Share Christian McBride
Sep 27 2012
at 9:54 AM
Bookmark and Share who was the bass player ?
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