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Sep 20 2012
at 8:44 AM
Being a relative newcomer to Pat’s work (5 years approx) I am still discovering so much of his music. I have a decent collection of his albums, maybe 10 or so but I return again and again to ’One Quiet Night’. I have written elsewhere on the forum about the track ’Another Chance’, but I would now like to give praise for ’Song For The Boys’. A deceptively simple/complex composition using rhythmic patterns that remind me of much of the traditional celtic music that I hear at home in Scotland. That first major chord change that follows the picked intro - just stunning!
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Sep 24 2012
at 12:24 PM
Bookmark and Share One of Pat’s most moving tunes.
Sep 23 2012
at 3:06 PM
Bookmark and Share I remember Pat playing this tune live in one of those marvelous solo acoustic medleys he does.It was during the opening for one of his trio shows with Antonio and Christian McBride.I think that was the last non-PMG show that came to Tampa,with the exception of the great Orchestion. Pat,please come back soon.Tampabay needs you !!!
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