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SUBJECT: Pat Metheny Radio disappeared from iTunes? Back to Subjects
Sep 19 2012
at 1:21 PM
I always listen to PMR through iTunes. At least I did. Now it seems to be gone from iTunes and only accessible through the PM website. Did something happen?
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Sep 24 2012
at 1:42 PM
Bookmark and Share Not surprized. Everything is disappearing from iTunes (and Apple). I access my Metheny through iTunes Match where I have store about 10,000 songs in their cloud. With the advent of the iOS6 update from Apple, it will not connect properly, so I am removed from being able to access Pat’s music, that I have purchasd through the years) via my iPhone, iPad and Apple TV (except thru Homeshare). Apple put out to pasture Google Maps and Youtube... Technolgy is great when it works, but...
Sep 23 2012
at 3:09 PM
Bookmark and Share Yeah,I just checked my itunes and sure enough it’s missing.
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