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SUBJECT: Ibanez PM20 Model: Who agrees that ibanez should put this model in your catalog? Back to Subjects
Sep 18 2012
at 3:13 PM
The Ibanez makes great guitars, there’s no doubt about that, but, over the years, unfortunately they stopped making some wonderful models like the FG100, the JP20, the AS100 and the AM50, among others. And something else catches my attention: why they don’t put the PM20 on their catalog, a model that is used by one of the best jazz guitarists of all time? This guitar sounds much better in Pat’s hands than would sound in mine – that’s for sure! – but we fans have the right to try it and buy it! If it doesn’t cost a small fortune, of course! Who agrees with me?
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Sep 24 2012
at 7:09 AM
Bookmark and Share I bought an Ibanez PM35 model that came out a couple of years ago. I like it a lot.
Sep 23 2012
at 3:19 PM
Bookmark and Share I don’t recall when or where I last saw one offered for sale. But as I recall,it was quite expensive. I could only imagine what an exquisite instrument it would be!
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