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SUBJECT: OT AAJ Review: Jan Garbarek Dansere Box (ECM) Back to Subjects
Aug 09 2012
at 10:42 AM
For those interested, a review of Jan Garbarek’s Dansere, ECM’s latest Old and New Masters Edition series box set, today at Collecting the three recordings the Norwegian saxophonist made with pianist Bobo Stenson - 1971’s Sart and, with the Jan Garbarek - Bobo Stenson Quartet, 1974’s Witchi-Tai-To and 1976’s Dansere, the box set finds both Garbarek and the label in a state of transition, where both were establishing their individual voices. Across the three discs, Garbarek is heard shedding his early influences (Ayler and Coltrane), for the tarter tone that’s been a signature ever since. Sart is the most overtly free of the three, while Witchi moves towards greater lyricism in set of largely cover material, and Dansere features Garbarek’s writing, almost exclusively. A great time to reassess Garbarek’s rapid rise in the 1970s, with terrific liner notes by Michael Tucker, author of the definitive Garbarek bio, Deep Song. Review here:
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mario toni
Aug 15 2012
at 1:58 PM
Bookmark and Share I have all 3 cd’s! What’s there to say! Anyway, I always dreamed of an album with Pat, Lyle, Jan, Eberhard and Jack DeJohnette! What music would that be! ;) Guess it’ll never happen!
Aug 13 2012
at 9:57 AM
Bookmark and Share Mr. "djbinder"-you’re making me spend all my money with these great reviews! Oh well,empty wallet,but rich in great music..
Aug 13 2012
at 9:26 AM
Bookmark and Share Witchi-Tai-To is one of the greatest jazz albums ever !
Aug 10 2012
at 2:37 PM
Bookmark and Share I simply HAVE to have this. Thanks for the heads up.
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