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s in Boston
Jul 31 2012
at 2:24 PM
For a reminder of just how awesome Pat is, check out this update from the PM Facebook page: PAT METHENY SUMMER MUSIC WORKSHOP Update Two weeks ago the National Guitar Workshop filed for bankruptcy, and cancelled all their workshops. Pat decided he wanted to do everything in his power to make the workshop happen. Therefore, we are pleased to announce that the Pat Metheny Summer Music Workshop will go on as scheduled, August 20-24 at the Norwich Inn in Norwich, CT. The faculty this year is made up of some of the great jazz masters performing today. Don’t miss this rare opportunity to study with them in an intimate setting. FACULTY: Pat Metheny, Bassist, Larry Grenadier and Drummer Antonio Sanchez. We have space available if you are still interested. For more information please contact Allyson McFerren at 203-688-6729 or Sincerely, Pat Metheny Management
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From: Message:
Aug 07 2012
at 7:32 AM
Bookmark and Share thank you for posting ,s. Would love to be there. It shows a level of commitment that is rare these days.
s in Boston
Aug 06 2012
at 1:31 PM
Bookmark and Share I realized it’s likely no one is reading tis because it looks like a routine update about the workshops . . .
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