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Tom Rudd
May 16 2012
at 12:05 PM
Analog Man, First Joe Walsh album in 20 years w/Jeff Lynne, Nice! Always been a huge fan of Joe’s. Wore "James Gang Rides Again" right off the turntable when I was younger. Great & also quite funny video on Amazon if you would care to watch. Where Joe talks about one of his greatest moments in life was when he found out Keith Moon wanted to be his friend ! Love it! Go Joe! have a great Tour!
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May 20 2012
at 1:46 PM
Bookmark and Share Can"t wait to see Joe Walsh this summer! Jan Muhammad Belagam
May 17 2012
at 6:18 PM
Bookmark and Share Barnstorm is another great oldie.
Tom Rudd
May 17 2012
at 11:20 AM
Bookmark and Share Oh Yeah, "So What" is an awesome album. And one of my other favorites is "But Seriously Folks" Always Loved Joes playing, singing and songwriting. He’s one of a kind.
May 16 2012
at 12:33 PM
Bookmark and Share Yeah Tom I heard him do his interview on U of Pa radio station 2 weeks ago He was the same old crazy Joe. He talked about the lack of personal touch in today’s music and how it has become very automated. Hope he stays well and sober and continues on. So What! still remains my fave of his. Great album
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