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Mar 16 2011
at 2:42 AM
i have 2 excerpts from the way up as a sibelius score that were temporarily downloadable back in 2005 as well as the printed book and the new orchestrion on due for release could the pat team make the sibelius scores available it’s such fun using different instruments in the score and making arrangements xxxxxxx
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Mar 25 2011
at 4:31 AM
Bookmark and Share HI I am wondering how much of the Metheny material is on sibelius? I would like a copy of One night Only album score, but without the tab. Too many page turns! Any ideas? cheers
Mar 16 2011
at 7:03 PM
Bookmark and Share Oh I wish Sibelius wasn’t so expensive to buy. And I wish it wasn’t so impossible to borrow from friends thanks to draconian licensing.
Mar 16 2011
at 8:54 AM
Bookmark and Share It was an excellent tool for people to interact with the music. Thank you for putting The Way Up available as a scorch download.
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