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SUBJECT: Barbara Thompson - hats off Back to Subjects
Feb 20 2012
at 5:45 AM
Twelve years ago, UK sax player Barbara Thompson was told she had Parkinson’s Disease. Curtains for her career, you may think. But no. She’s still playing. This documentary on BBC4 shows her daily struggles and her (and drummers husband Jon Hiseman’s)search for treatment that means she can carry on playing live. Enjoy. And here is 15 minutes of her playing - various stages of her career, starting with a great clip from Bracknell Jazz Fest in 1979. Wasn’t Pat at that one?
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Feb 21 2012
at 3:35 PM
Bookmark and Share No. Pat was 1978 (first time I’d ever heard or seen him) and 1980. I was also there in 1979 and remember Paraphernalia. They were a great little band. The programme was really quite heart-breaking at times but Barbara’s sheer guts and courage shone through. Cheers John
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