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Dec 26 2011
at 10:46 PM
Ani DeFranco will be coming to Brighton UK 08 January 2012. Was thinking of going, but involves some gigging of professional schedules with clients. Any comments from those in the know as to Ani’s mojo? Just happened to see a week ago, in Oxford, Ani’s support musician for the Brighton gig, and through this musician’s talents and great vibe piqued my interest to go, but must say I haven’t been following Ani all these years. Thank you in advance.
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Dec 29 2011
at 3:23 AM
Bookmark and Share Healthy_Scratch, merci beaucoup mille fois! Sounds like Anni’s got the goods to put on a good show. Her opening act in Brighton on 8 Jan 2012, is Carly Bryant; I saw her in Oxford just before Xmas, in Jericho District (Freud). Carly is a cool customer with a voice/songwriting ability/heart above the rest. She plays France often as she says she’s well-received there. Heads up mes amis francais de Carly Bryant! Tiny
Dec 28 2011
at 3:35 AM
Bookmark and Share I have not followed Ani’s career in the last 5 years or so so not really hip to what she is up to these days. Noentheless the few times I saw her in the 90s and early 00s she always put on a great show. I really dig the different tunings she works with, her aggressive attack on guitar and her lyrics. I am a lot more partial to her playing in solo or in trio format. I was as much of a fan of her work in larger group settings. Nonetheless I definitely say go it will probably a great time, she is quite the unique energetic talent and her character, quirky stage banter can also be quite funny at times. If you are unfamiliar with her work I recommend starting with Living In Clip her double live disc from 1997. It is a fine fine live disc. Otherwise visit her Web site for an idea of her more current work, I imagine it is righteous babe dot something just Google it. Have Fun!
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