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SUBJECT: I saw Pat sit in at Birdland with Roy Haynes last night!!! Back to Subjects
Dec 16 2011
at 11:10 AM
Amazing! My wife and I decided to go to Birdland for the late show last night to see Roy Haynes and his "Fountain of Youth" band. My jaw hit the floor when the announcer introduced the band and said at the end "with very special guest on guitar, Pat Metheny!!" The crowd went crazy. Pat played the whole set which included "James" (twice actually!), "Question and Answer", a Coltrane tune, a few standards ("My Romance" "I Heard A Rhapsody(?)" and others, almost an hour and half of pure joy! Pat and Roy together were unreal and the rest of the band was amazing too, especially Jaleel Shaw the sax player. I asked the club if he was going to be back for any other sets this week and they said no, just that one set. We felt like the luckiest people on the planet!
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Dec 16 2011
at 4:08 PM
Bookmark and Share Must have been wonderful and thanks so much for sharing!
Dec 16 2011
at 3:37 PM
Bookmark and Share Wow! What luck. I saw Roy and his Fountain of Youth band when they were in San Francisco a couple of months ago. They were great, but had Pat been there...I can only imagine!
Dec 16 2011
at 3:26 PM
Bookmark and Share Hurry-go buy a lottery tckt!
Dec 16 2011
at 12:16 PM
Bookmark and Share what a stroke of luck. VERY HIP.
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