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Dec 08 2011
at 11:55 PM
Hi, if you live in Boston. Please come on and hang out to Berklee Pat Metheny Group Ensemble Recital on Dec. 9th Friday 6:30 @ David Friends Hall, 921 Boyston street. We’ll play 1. Have you heard 2. First Circle 3. What do you want 4. You 5. Minuano (6/8) 6. Third Wind It’ll be an exiting show! Thank you. Jinho (I’ll play Percussion)
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Dec 21 2011
at 10:42 AM
Bookmark and Share Darn, wish I knew about this! I would’ve definitely come!
Dec 19 2011
at 3:43 PM
Bookmark and Share I just watched all three and I agree with what has been said: You guys are tremendously talented. I really enjoyed all three, but Third Wind blew me away! Good luck making more of this incredible music.
Rob B in CT
Dec 19 2011
at 6:57 AM
Bookmark and Share Nice! You aced all three pieces! Jinho: Are you the percussionist stage right in the striped shirt, or the less visible one behind the bassist? Is there a Metheny ensemble formed every semester, or is this a one-time collaboration?
Dec 16 2011
at 11:16 PM
Bookmark and Share just checked three tunes from your set on u-tube......very impressive,quite a bit of talent in your ensemble,just wish the sound was better.......good luck to you and your band mates in the future and thanks for posting
Dec 16 2011
at 8:09 AM
Bookmark and Share Great band! Kudos to the guy playing the stratocaster.
Tom Rudd
Dec 15 2011
at 6:13 AM
Bookmark and Share Nice! Thanks for shareing!
Dec 14 2011
at 10:40 PM
Bookmark and Share I’m usually pretty understated...but that is effing FANTASTIC! Very best to you and your band mates. Go forth and make music...
Dec 14 2011
at 6:33 PM
Bookmark and Share Here’s my ensemble band’s video. It can never be a level of PMG, but please enjoy :) Berklee Pat Metheny Group Ensemble Recital - Third Wind
Tom Rudd
Dec 12 2011
at 5:26 AM
Bookmark and Share I was just there last week for my niece’s senior recital, she is a violinist, it was very good. Many good players in the band she had. I will try to make it Friday night. Thanks for the heads up !
Dec 09 2011
at 1:50 PM
Bookmark and Share There will e 3 Guitarists who are all Berklee enrolling students. It’s really hard to get perfection, because of lack of time as students, but if you come and enjoy our show, we’ll appreciate you. p.s. We’ll also play ’Gathering Sky’ :) Thank you
Tom Rudd
Dec 09 2011
at 11:07 AM
Bookmark and Share Thanks for the heads up Jinho. Who is playing guitar (s)?
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