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Dec 06 2011
at 8:06 PM
Take a look at Pat’s concerts, for example, in the first 4 days of November, he’s in a different country, but the rest of the month is almost as bad. But this is not unusual for Pat’s schedule. An amazing number of miles with a lot of equipment . Especially with Orchestrion. Does a gone else in the world tour like this?
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s in Boston
Dec 08 2011
at 4:02 PM
Bookmark and Share I often think, I bet Pat could tell you a great spot to go out for a late breakfast in just about any city in the world.
Dec 08 2011
at 12:13 PM
Bookmark and Share Imagine the frequent flyer miles he could have wrung up by now..or frequent busser miles!
Dec 07 2011
at 5:22 PM
Bookmark and Share I agree. Pat’s touring schedule has always baffled me. During the last few times he has been in California - he has been up and down the coast in almost incredible ways. His personal commitment is clear, but I often wonder about the logistics of his travels - and yes, especially with the robots. They were all in crates on stage, so I assume the setups were easier then I would have imagined, if I didn’t see them. Still, it is nothing less than amazing that he can do this night after night in so many countries around the world. Kudos to his road crew!
Tom Rudd
Dec 07 2011
at 5:57 AM
Bookmark and Share it always amazed me and still does. I don’t know how he does it. Just another thing that makes Pat so special.
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