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Nov 09 2011
at 6:55 PM
Gang Last Saturday in Durham NC, my wife and I were lucky enough to see Bill Frisell’s live performance of ’The Great Flood’. Filmmaker Bill Morrison did a brilliant job editing film footage from the great Mississippi flood of 1927, and Bill Frisell, Ron Miles, Tony Scherr, and Kenny Wollesen provided the soundtrack. The music was perfectly tailored to the images on screen, and Frisell and company played beautifully. It was one of the purest works of art on every level that I have ever seen. I encourage everyone to seek this out if you can.
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Nov 10 2011
at 8:29 PM
Bookmark and Share I agree. It was so pure. They really performed some work of art. The closing of Old Man River was absolutly georgeous and emotional. They were all about space. Frisell says so much letting the note or notes ring out. He really is a gentle giant genius. The show was so musical. Nothing was abstract. Everything was really composed. Bill put a lot of work into this. I hope he releases it. The mix was so amazing, so clear. It sounded like I was listening to a studio album on my hi-fi stereo. He has to release this. The opening piece was pure Frisellian magic. Wollessen is so underrated. He is such a fantastic drummer and deserves a lot of credit. He is very musical and always adds interesting ornaments. Tony and Ron Miles are great as well. It’s a real good quartet. Try to see it if you can.
Nov 10 2011
at 5:43 PM
Bookmark and Share They’re in London. I have a huge problem - they’re playing the same night as Ornette Coleman. I think Ornette wins this one. Cheers John
Nov 10 2011
at 12:05 PM
Bookmark and Share Are they touring across country?
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