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Nov 01 2011
at 5:51 PM
I have seen Pat Metheny many, many times over the past 25 years. And yes, I always enjoy it very much. 10 of those times have been the PMG in Germany and surrounding countries. Tonight was the best Metheny concert I have ever seen. He has progressed to a point now where his playing has become more than ever a true and free expression of his life and soul. Beyond his ever expanding technique and creativity and innovation (a surprise near the end of the performance) there is an excellence in this performance that is new. The last PMG quartet concert in Mannheim was a real disappointment to me, the Orchestrion was so fertile and new and the PMG tour seemed such a step into the past. Tonight revived my hopes! An important evening, and as I have often felt, this trio is more of a fit for Pat than the Day Trip trio, in my opinion. This was the concert I will never forget of Pat and the other 1000 people there will agree with this I am quite certain. Albrecht
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s in Boston
Nov 03 2011
at 11:37 AM
Bookmark and Share Albrecht, thanks for the review! Pretty much sums up how I have felt every time after a PM show.
Nov 02 2011
at 2:56 AM
Bookmark and Share Being the first time to see Pat Metheny live this was a moving experience for me. Even the orchestrion part which I was very sceptic about was astonishing and left me breathless. Too see the full scale of what this Trio was capable was just great. For me this concert could have lasted easily the whole night ;)
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