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SUBJECT: Short Review of the Trio Concert in Hamburg Oct. 30 Back to Subjects
Oct 31 2011
at 6:27 AM
For me it was a perfect night in Hamburg. Sitting in first row right in front of Pat was the perfect seat. The sound was clear and powerful. It is always the problem with the first row - good view or good sound, but yesterday it was a perfect combination of view and sound. The choice of tunes ? Perfect - Trio classics with new improvisations, haven´t heard better versions before. The three really had fun to play. The crowd was enthusiastic as always in Hamburg (which was the first city in Germany where Pat ever played at the age of 18 - together with Gary Burton in the early seventies at a (not anymore existing club called "Onkel Poe´s Carnegie Hall") with long standing ovations which led to 3 encores. And after the show I had a nice chat with Pat. It couldn´t be a better evening.
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s in Boston
Oct 31 2011
at 6:52 PM
Bookmark and Share Surroundman, cool! Thanks for posting that.
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