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Oct 21 2011
at 8:30 AM
Just received a CD found online in Italy called "Celebrate" by Perri. Versions of Jaco and Airstream released in ’86. Power voices in full harmony. Pat and Lyle credited with comp. & arr. these tunes. Wish there were more! Metheny Group arrangements meet gospel power choir. Rare gems.
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Oct 25 2011
at 2:01 PM
Bookmark and Share Saw Perri at the Mann Music Center with PMG in 1985...the same day as Live Aid. Earlier in the day Pat went onstage with Santana at Live Aid for a tune. I think that’s somewhee on Youtube.
Oct 25 2011
at 11:37 AM
Bookmark and Share I just transferred my Celebrate LP to digital this last weekend. There is one more album they have called "The Flight" with some additional covers. "Travels" by PMG, "Caves of Altamira" by Steely Dan "The Flight" Lee Ritenour and "Eternal Life" by Special EFX. My wife says she cannot hear Metheny’s "Travels" without Perri’s lyrics comming to mind. Enjoy, Reg
Oct 24 2011
at 9:53 AM
Bookmark and Share I’m glad you enjoyed the Perri pieces ... keep searching though as they put ’Travels Two’ on their next album/CD. Also, the Perri sisters, I believe came to LA by way of Bakersfield, CA. and when I saw PMG at the Greek Theatre (in LA) Pat announced that the sisters had gotten him ’this’ tape then brought them up on stage and the group played backup band and Perri performed the tunes live!! Yet another expression of Pat’s unselfish generosity ... BTW they sounded great together! Thanks for the thread to the memory ...
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