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SUBJECT: It’s All About to Start in Yakima Back to Subjects
Sep 16 2011
at 10:50 AM
There’s a charming western town 20 km south of Yakima called Toppenish that is chalk full of 73 high-quality western wall murals that I recommend visiting. I could just imagine a guitar pulled out on one of those wooden stoops, a’strumm’n ’Facing West’. Hope to hear some comments about the tour from Washington state.
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Sep 19 2011
at 1:55 PM
Bookmark and Share Yakima? Do they still have those big brown hills or mounds all over the place?
Sep 18 2011
at 10:41 PM
Bookmark and Share, I’m getting excited for the show in Santa Monica. Please keep the reviews coming!
Sep 18 2011
at 2:13 PM
Bookmark and Share I really enjoyed the show in Yakima last night!! I was so happy that Pat and Larry played some of his old classics along with some new songs. I’m seeing them again at Jazz Alley on Tuesday, and can’t wait!!
Sep 18 2011
at 1:02 PM
Bookmark and Share Two killer shows in Yakima last night--Nice variety of material and Pat used a lot of different guitars, including the Pikasso in the first set.
Sep 16 2011
at 10:54 PM
Bookmark and Share Oh yes Sunday in Bham. Fifth row center section, among the best seats in the house...fact. Then both gigs in Seattle, up in the loft - IMO best seats in the house. Assuming of course, I don’t die of anticipation...;-)
Sep 16 2011
at 2:25 PM
Bookmark and Share A’hm a heddin dahn thar fer the show y’awl . got me my vury best duds ’n hand-tooled cowboy boots , just to get feelin all awe-thentic . usually make a side-trip to Mt St Helens area for a volcano-burger - they sprinkle pepper on the cheese to simulate an ash-laden eruption ! In fact eating the damn thing is all you need to experience a genuine (gastro-intestinal) eruption , or eruction . Hope the show makes the earth move for us .
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