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Sep 10 2011
at 6:59 PM
Is there a finer folk singer/guitarist working today than Bruce Cockburn? We just saw his Charlotte show and it was superb. Great tunes, fabulous guitar etc.He also plays Linda Manzer guitars- PM’s luthier. PM and Cockburn would be a great team!
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Mike S.
Sep 14 2011
at 5:58 AM
Bookmark and Share Ah....."if I had a rocket launcher....."
Tom Rudd
Sep 12 2011
at 5:50 AM
Bookmark and Share Love Bruce Cockburn. I have been listening to him for years and years. True origonal. Lord of the Starfields, one of my favorites.
Sep 11 2011
at 10:22 AM
Bookmark and Share I vote for Richard his rip on Kenny G : "I Agree With Pat Metheny"
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