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Aug 15 2011
at 11:09 AM
I was anticipating this ’bon mot’ as ’Inside the Music’ is a ’tasty’ music program on CBC and they did not fall short. I was moved, inspired and learned some new things. Plus it’s nice to see a light shone on Linda’s accomplishments every so often.
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Sep 01 2011
at 5:45 PM
Bookmark and Share I like the sound of both Sechelts.
Aug 30 2011
at 7:11 AM
Bookmark and Share Sorry MA, my bad. When you mentioned Sechelt I just assumed you meant Sechelt, B.C. had I searched for it I would have found the market.
Aug 29 2011
at 2:23 PM
Bookmark and Share -m: you’all know by now I am in Alberta. But I get around. Sechelt is a pretty place not remote, it takes a bit of effort to get there.
Aug 28 2011
at 8:28 PM
Bookmark and Share Wow MA for some reason I thought you lived in Quebec. Back in around ’68 I lived on a small island outside of Gibsons, Popkin I believe it was called. I remember driving up to Sechelt one weekend...I don’t recall there being anything there except the lake. LOL
Aug 27 2011
at 6:46 PM
Bookmark and Share I do not think Linda has yet met her first inspiration, Joni Mitchell. If I ever see Joni in the local Sechelt grocery store I plan on asking her if she knows about Linda’s beautiful creations.
Aug 27 2011
at 7:46 AM
Bookmark and Share Double thanks for the heads-up. Doesn’t surprise me these two kindred mind and spirits met up and have collaborated - with intent and purpose - for so long. Uplifting, to say the least.
Aug 26 2011
at 8:55 AM
Bookmark and Share Thanks for the heads-up, METH. This is a nice show with Pat and Linda.
Aug 23 2011
at 9:44 AM
Bookmark and Share Thanks for posting the link. The story is informative and upbeat. Kinda like Pat’s music.
Aug 22 2011
at 6:26 AM
Bookmark and Share For anyone who’d want to hear the interview, here’s a link:
Aug 17 2011
at 8:47 AM
Bookmark and Share Anyone know how long this will be up for? There are shows going back to August 5, but do they all stay up that long?
Aug 16 2011
at 10:25 AM
Bookmark and Share Wouldn’t it be interesting to watch Linda make a guitar from scratch - video the process? And then see how Pat tests it out and puts a few dents in it?
Aug 16 2011
at 10:19 AM
Bookmark and Share Thanks for this. Could you elaborate a little more? Anxious to hear a bit more. Thanks.
Aug 15 2011
at 10:37 PM
Bookmark and Share Yes METHenyaddicted - I couldn’t agree more. I just listened to the entire broadcast and am blown away! They really do seem like musical "soul-mates." It is nice to get a sense of the collaboration between these two greats. I only wish it was a video as I think I would gain so much more from seeing their interactions. Audio only, it is still a treat.
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