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Aug 04 2011
at 7:15 PM
Hi All, It’s been awhile again since I’ve posted. I do keep up and read all the posts at least every other day but alas have not much to contribute until now. The new Randy Brecker album "the jazz Ballad Song Book" is amazing! I cannot recommend this strongly enough. The whole album is terrific. It features the DR Big Band and the Danish National Orchestra. The arrangements are great and Randy is absolutely brilliant on this. His best work since he and his late brother (Michael) remade Brecker brothers tunes with WDR Big Band "Some Skunk Funk". However thisalbum is different. I received it today and I am on my third listen. I am blown away...sheer beauty and brilliance. It features tracks (all or nothing at all, Round midnight, skylark, Goldfinger and Someday my Prince will come. I urge you to sample this wherever you may sample...but I believ any true jazz fan will eat this up. It is killer!!!
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Aug 05 2011
at 7:38 AM
Bookmark and Share Sounds interesting. I’ve seen him live recently. I caught him a couple of times with Mike Stern and he makes a great contibution to the band. But a few weeks ago, I saw him in Soulbop with Bill Evans. It didn’t do too much for me but it didn’t help being front row with his trumpet prety much directed at me for most of the concert. And I thought sitting near Billy Cobham’s drums was loud. Cheers John
Aug 05 2011
at 7:20 AM
Bookmark and Share Peter, thanks for the heads up.
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