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Apr 17 2018
at 1:31 AM
Anyone attend the NEA award concert in DC the other night. ? I really enjoyed the podcast interview with Pat reviewing his childhood and rapidly riding career, and a shorter video on his musical approach to the guitar . It was nice to see his deep praise of Lyle. Anyways hard to imagine all this goes back almost 50 years starting with Univ Miami and Gary at Berkee. Pat has probably toured more than any musician in the world !!?
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May 03 2018
at 11:39 AM
Bookmark and Share I watched Pat’s acceptance speech and listened to the podcast and am more amazed how articulate and insightful he is about life, people and music every time I hear him speak. He is truly more than just one of the greatest musicians of our, or all, time. The word genius gets used too many times for those who are not really deserving. In Pat’s case it is very deserving. We are all very lucky to have his music and presence in our world.
May 02 2018
at 7:53 PM
Bookmark and Share Thanks for the link. Great interview!
Apr 22 2018
at 6:16 PM
Bookmark and Share To be fair, I must thank Patsfan first :)
Apr 22 2018
at 12:55 PM
Bookmark and Share Stevee23, you can hear or download the podcast here:
Apr 22 2018
at 12:54 PM
Bookmark and Share The podcast is just great as the interviewer does a fantastic job, and of course, as we all could expect, Pat answers also are. Thanks so much for the heads up, molesoulsandal
Apr 21 2018
at 11:59 PM
Bookmark and Share So cool, and I know someone who was there and was awed and amazed. Is that podcast here on this site - don’t see it. Pat’s acceptance speech has been transcribed here, but I’d love to hear the interview. Thx.
Apr 21 2018
at 2:16 PM
Bookmark and Share When Mr. Metheny spoke on Monday night, it was an eloquent and precise speech, with amazing insights and perceptions on the state of the culture, the history, and the future. It was another confirmation of why I respect the man and his music so much. Also, in all good spirited nature, the only second time I have seen him a suit. Following him since 1976.
Apr 20 2018
at 6:04 AM
Bookmark and Share Pat’s speech, upon receiving the NEA honour, is inspired. The man is great.
Apr 18 2018
at 3:23 PM
Bookmark and Share Congratulations Pat, you deserve it. Brava!
Apr 18 2018
at 2:33 PM
Bookmark and Share patsfan - thanks so much for the tip . . . . i just listened to the pat NEA podcast and it was priceless. i literally guffawed out loud when he was talking about seeing hard-core be-boppers ’crash and burn’ on the bridge to his song ’james . . . . . hilarious, indeed . . . . . also loved hearing him speak so dear about lyle . . . . . . . . . . i truly miss lyle playing ’on the scene’, but am sure he’s having a super time doing what he’s doing . . . . . . . anyway, anyone who comes here to the PM website, should take a listen to that podcast . . . . it’s one o’ the ’best ones yet’!!
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