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Feb 25 2011
at 9:10 PM
any scoop on when it will be available?
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Apr 04 2011
at 1:30 PM
Bookmark and Share No Tom, it was the Flock.
Apr 04 2011
at 8:34 AM
Bookmark and Share I am a home theater dealer and I really canĀ“t wait to see it on one of my 3D projectors to see Orchestrion on a 130" screen in 3D in 5.1 surround. Pat is always very forward in new technologies. "The way up" was the first disc which was released in all 3 formats simultaneously which were available those days (DVD, HD DVD (no longer existing and on BluRay) - and now it is one of the first concert/music BluRays which are available in 3D.
Apr 03 2011
at 10:32 AM
Bookmark and Share So much going on with the Orchestrion. It will be interesting to see the camera work on this release.
Tom Rudd
Apr 01 2011
at 12:16 PM
Bookmark and Share Bummer,at first it was slated as a early 2011 release. Who did the song Tired of Waiting, The Kinks?
Apr 01 2011
at 12:05 PM
Bookmark and Share Just in time for the holidays
Chris Digger
Apr 01 2011
at 6:52 AM
Bookmark and Share It is likely out for a september release due to PMGLN.
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