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Nov 07 2017
at 8:01 PM
Hello- As Falls Wichita, In A Silent Way and Return to Forever are 3 of my favorite albums. i feel these have a haunting, atmospheric sound. Also have all Eberhard Weber and Pat Metheny albums as well. Looking for similar albums . Any recommendations? Thank you.
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Nov 13 2017
at 10:11 PM
Bookmark and Share Thank you for the recommendations . I now have some new music to check out.
Nov 11 2017
at 10:51 AM
Bookmark and Share Speaking of atmospheric...Hearts of Space, the syndicated radio show hosted by Stephen Hill is showcasing an hour of atmospheric ECM jazz from 2016 and 2017, a show called called "Provenance", this weekend. Looks like a couple of John Abercrombie pieces are included and the show ends with 3 pieces from with BJÖRN MEYER’s new record of the same name ("Provenance"). The website is
Nov 10 2017
at 1:45 PM
Bookmark and Share You might check out Michel Benita Ethics: "River Silver" from 2016 on ECM. It has a kind of laid back, low key almost ambient music sound. A combination of jazz, atmospherics and groove. Reminds me a bit of Jon Hassell’s "Last Night the Moon Came Dropping Its Clothes in the Street". The koto player Mieko Miyazak really adds a beautiful aspect to the music.
Nov 09 2017
at 1:13 PM
Bookmark and Share How about Ralph Towner Solstice? That has a haunting atmospheric quality. Gorgeous ECM production like the records you mention.
Nov 09 2017
at 12:21 PM
Bookmark and Share Keri34 You might look into early Weather Report. Mysterious Traveler and Black Market are 2 very ’atmospheric’ pieces. On Mysterious check out Scarlet Woman. Since I’m not in touch with exactly what ’flavor’ you might like ... just see what starting here leads to. Also, check out Herbie Hancock Sextant. Good luck and GREAT Listening!
Nov 09 2017
at 4:26 AM
Bookmark and Share ’cycles’, by david darling . . . . . . ’ondas’, by mike nock . . . . . ’hotel hello’, by gary burton/steve swallow . . . . . ’solstice’, by ralph towner . . . . . ’secret story’, by pat metheny . . . . . . ’lyle mays’, by lyle mays . . . . . . . ’heartcore’, by kurt rosenwinkel . . . . . ’red lanta’, by jan garbarek/art lande . . . . . ’music for zen meditation’, by tony scott . . . . . ’fluid rustle’, by eberhard weber . . . . . . ’playground’, by steve kuhn . . . . . ’home’, by steve swallow . . . . . ’get up with it’, by miles davis.
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