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Jun 11 2017
at 10:52 AM
Glad to see extra security at concerts to keep everyone safe in these disturbing times. Knowing this, people need to allow a lot of extra time to get into a venue--probably best to arrive one full hour early. At last night’s concert at the Beacon, we arrived about 7:40 pm for an 8 pm showtime, but the line was so slow because they were checking everyone individually at the entrance with metal detector wands and asking people to remove everything from their pockets, that we didn’t actually get inside until about 8:10. The concert started right on time, and ushers were instructed not to let anyone inside for the first song. That resulted in hundreds of people stuck out in the lobby (some had just gone out to use the bathroom), and some even started shouting angry stuff at the ushers, who were obviously not responsible for what happened. The situation could have turned ugly, and hopefully everyone was OK. The theater management should have a) had more people working entrance security, and b) relayed to the band that there were still hundreds of people outside in line at 8 pm so that they could delay the start of the concert by enough time to let everyone who had tickets inside. Moral of the story--get there way early, just like you would at an airport.
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