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Feb 22 2017
at 12:48 PM
I was saddened to read of Larry Coryell’s Passing this past Sunday at a hotel in NYC. Along with McLaughlin and Martino, Larry was one the first guitarists that caught my ear in the early 70s and steered me into jazz. I played the Spaces album until it wore out and The Eleventh House was a springboard unto the first PMG album. I was lucky enough to see him 3 times over the years, the first at a little cafĂ© outside of Philly in 76 on solo acoustic. Then in 79 with The Eleventh House and finally in 02 with a quartet that included Danny Gottlieb. He was the inspiration to a new generation of crossover musicians and played all genres of music masterfully. The story is even sadder to think he had just fought a rare disease back to health recently and was making a comeback with The Eleventh House. Then in December his longtime friend and EH drummer Alphonse Mouzon passed away. And now Larry. They will be dearly missed. May they both RIP forever.
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Apr 15 2017
at 11:17 PM
Bookmark and Share I just saw a Larry Coryell Tribute at SPACE in Evanston IL. Musicians were Julian Coryell, Larry Gray(bass), Paul Wertico and Fred Simon. They played as a quartet, trio and Julian did three solo acoustic guitar pieces. Excellent show. Fred started the night with very nice solo piano piece. I spoke briefly after the show with him and mentioned this website. He recognized my User name. Very nice guy, he gave me $10 to write that (just kidding). Check out Larry Coryell’s video at Iridium 0n Google Videos search, incredible version of Bolero.
Mar 14 2017
at 8:15 AM
Bookmark and Share I saw Larry the past five years at the Jazz Showcase and SPACE with his trio. Always an excellent show with wide variety of jazz music. Will miss a great musician and person.
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