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Sep 19 2016
at 11:15 AM
Best album of the year I have heard so far , any one else agree/disagree ?
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Dec 03 2016
at 11:51 AM
Bookmark and Share Thanks for the tip. I will have to check this album out. But for now, my album of the year for 2016 is Logan Richardson’s SHIFT. Metheny on guitars....of course. Check it out as well if you still don’t have it.
Oct 05 2016
at 4:54 PM
Bookmark and Share Yes, great recording. I saw them at the Berklee Performance Center earlier this year and it was an amazing performance. I agree "In Movement" has a very original sound. I wish Pat and Jack would do a project together again! Saw Pat with Jack and Larry Grenadier several years back and with Dave Holland as well. Some of the best Trio music ever!
Oct 04 2016
at 10:15 AM
Bookmark and Share thanks for posting, patsfan. It's not like the old days here where there were some lively discussions. Jack’s music is can be almost as eclectic as Pat’s. What I like about this one is that while they bow to tradition, (they cover Coltrane’s Alabama in the opening track) they do it with a fresh approach. Garrison adds a fusion element to the music and I don’t think I have heard Ravi Coltrane sound better.
Sep 28 2016
at 10:54 PM
Bookmark and Share Frank, I have to admit that I am unfamiliar with most of Jack’s albums except for the great Metheny-Hancock-Dejonnette album Parallel Realities .... Which I always loved and revisited from time to time. Now, I am playing Parellel Realities for days on end , appreciating all 3 guys .( but Pat’s synth is the real meow ). Anyways, I’m getting ’ In Movement’ Dejonnette ranks near the top !!
Sep 28 2016
at 8:57 AM
Bookmark and Share they are currently touring in Europe
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