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Aug 07 2016
at 5:51 PM
It’s just about that time of year again. Everybody say/sing Happy Birthday Pat! Thanks for another generous year. Hope you and the family are well and enjoying your lives. See you in Boulder and then Ft Collins ... happy birthday to me!
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Aug 12 2016
at 4:58 PM
Bookmark and Share Happy Birthday - to US, Pat! May there be many, many more! - Unabashedly pimping this cool synchronicity, Willbur
Aug 12 2016
at 7:41 AM
Bookmark and Share Happy Birthday Pat Metheny! I’m playing your music all day long,and much of the rest of the time. See you in St. Pete!
Aug 11 2016
at 9:45 AM
Bookmark and Share Happy Birthday Pat! 1954 was a good year Pat Bruce Hornsby and me! Just got my tickets for the 1/3117 performance in Atlanta. so excited to see the new quartet
Aug 11 2016
at 12:36 AM
Bookmark and Share Happy Birthday, Pat.!! Look forward to seeing you in SF and Tampa !!
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