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Jul 03 2016
at 10:58 AM
Saw the early performance of the new band on Saturday night which was the last of a four night residency, two shows per night. Difficult to really express how good this was. In many ways I suppose it was a return to the old days, certainly much of the material was taken from twenty years ago or more. It was a masterclass by four musicians whose collective talents shone out. It was a packed two hour set with hardly any gaps, and very little audience acknowledgement throughout. The intensity and quality of playing was breathtaking.
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Jul 06 2016
at 6:30 AM
Bookmark and Share I hear you man. This is not America was simply beautiful, not only given the circumstances and the emotions it must have provoked with Pat, but also by the intense way it was played. Again, what a night...
Jul 04 2016
at 2:44 AM
Bookmark and Share I was at Ronnie’s for early session on Friday. It was a privilege to see such brilliance. Sitting behind Antonio Sanchez was great as an old aspiring drummer, although perhaps I will stick with my 3 guitar chords! In terms of the set, Are you going with me was a fantastic finish, and the acoustic This is not America was charged with emotion after Bowie’s death. These were just 2 highlights to what was an experience never to be forgotten.
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