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SUBJECT: Pat’s ’new’ instrument Back to Subjects
Jun 27 2016
at 11:29 AM
Does anyone know if there is a story behind the ’new’ guitar Pat has been using lately? I first saw/heard it at the White House gig. Looks Gibson-ish with something like a Charlie Christian style pickup. Just wondering ...
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Jul 01 2016
at 5:39 AM
Bookmark and Share It’s a Daniel Slaman DS-150/250 C and you can read all about it here : Sounded good to me !
Jun 30 2016
at 5:45 AM
Bookmark and Share Yes - just as you’ve described. Pat is using it on his current tour so it looks like it’s his guitar of choice now.
Jun 29 2016
at 7:22 AM
Bookmark and Share Could be this: pat-metheny-1.html
Jun 27 2016
at 5:41 PM
Bookmark and Share I was just wondering the same thing....saw some pics and noticed it right away...!
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