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Apr 30 2016
at 9:02 PM
"Jazz at the White House" was absolutely amazing tonight! It was the greatest assembly of jazz talent I’ve ever seen in one show. Pat had a fairly minor role in the TV show, although it was more than John McLaughlin got. But if you watch the longer version online at you’ll see several great pieces that didn’t make the TV, including Pat doing "Minuano" and John tearing it up on "Spanish Keys."
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Jun 08 2016
at 1:58 PM
Bookmark and Share Yeah tomm. Loved McLaughlin letting loose on Spanish Keys. Cheers John.
May 14 2016
at 8:02 PM
Bookmark and Share Thanks for heads up on this one. I think Jamie Cullum killed it!
May 13 2016
at 9:33 AM
Bookmark and Share Frankly, I don’t like anything unless it has a steady beat and I can dance to it :)
May 12 2016
at 5:59 PM
Bookmark and Share the program airing on tv was what it was. I didn’t really like the choice of Diane Reeves singing this Minuano, I don’t feel like she was able to hit the high notes on this. some of the program was exceptional and I hope a causal viewer was enlightened to some of the performers to the point they will go out and explore their music. I was happy at least to see that PM was invited and on the program. the overall length of the program could have been much longer and allow performers greater exposure.
May 05 2016
at 9:26 AM
Bookmark and Share I was disappointed in the broadcast because of the "Jazz" musicians selected. ABC was only concerned with using popular artists instead of real Jazz artists. Jimmy Heath blew off that gig to appear in Chicago for the 90th birthday party for Joe Segal, owner of the Jazz Showcase. He put on a real Jazz show.
May 04 2016
at 10:01 PM
Bookmark and Share I’m not disagreeing. It wasn’t the best version of Minuano I’ve ever heard. I blame the rhythm section because it seemed to drag behind Pat. And the time limitations of the format didn’t help.
May 03 2016
at 12:19 PM
Bookmark and Share Watched Pat on this, thanks for the heads up re Jazzday. Have to say I thought the lady singing Minuano (Diane Reeves?) absolutely murdered a beautiful piece of music. Too loud and strident with the subtlety of a sledgehammer. Sorry for the negativity, just my opinion.
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