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Mar 11 2016
at 11:58 PM
Don’t know how Pat found this guy from Brazil, an amazing percussionist on a very native instrument called the berimboa ( sp?) and subsequently voted the best jazz percussionist by Downbeat Mag for 9 consecutive years. Listen to ’Are you going with mec’ , ’ Estupenda grasa’ and the other defining melodies of PMG and you will hear his very unique rhythm. A great person and musician !!!
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Sep 22 2016
at 3:29 PM
Bookmark and Share His vocals on "It’s For You" -- music of my life. I used to fall asleep with his singing on Estupenda Graca in my head when I was too anxious to fall asleep any other way.
Apr 02 2016
at 7:17 AM
Bookmark and Share Really sad news... he made an important contribution to PMG in that really interesting transition period between the early Americana and later latin American influences. Love his work on Travels
Mar 14 2016
at 2:41 PM
Bookmark and Share It was sad to read of Nana’s passing. I remember seeing him on the Travels tour and how much he added to the PMG sound. He was the first hand percussionist to bring that extra dimension to the band and a great one. His work on The Fields The Sky was what made that song one of my all-time favorites, and still is. He also had some great collaborations with other jazz and Brazilian musicians, including Milton Nascimento ,along the way. He will be missed
Mar 12 2016
at 9:07 PM
Bookmark and Share he was everything green and alive in pat’s music.
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