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SUBJECT: Meridian show live from Albuquerque Back to Subjects
Oct 30 2015
at 1:13 AM
Just wanted to say, I just got back from Antonio’s **sold out** tour stop in my humble little town, Albuquerque, NM. We were blown out of the Outpost Performing Space by Antonio’s noteworthy, eminently listenable 5-part suite "Meridian" where his band (incl. John Escreet, Seamus Blake, Matt Brewer), continued to redefine the syntax of improvisation with a live show a few hours ago. Would have made Pat proud of this young drummer and his musical imagination and raw puissance. I was humbled to see so many "ridiculously talented", top-flight and wise-minded players keep Pat’s tradition of inspiration, education, practice, and sheer energy. Antonio was a great human being with a great sense of humor and humility no different than when I first met Pat. Both are super, decent, approachable persons in my experience. Well, Antonio and Meridian band headed to Portland, OR tomorrow for those who can get a rare glimpse of Pat’s immense influence through other musicians. It was a eminently satisfying serving of melody, dynamics, syncopation, and sonic experimentation from a great group of musicians. As for its tunefulness, "Meridian" satisfies on many levels. For my money it is just around the corner of challenging yet regularly returns to a comfortable, accessible groove. Pat’s influence/tutelage comes through the suite that made my heart swell with pride. By turns it reached out and grabbed this listener by the throat and took me on some impressive sonic dream surfing with well-placed phrasing and chops always referenced by plain musical sensibility. Ashton
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