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Penny C.
May 28 2011
at 3:34 AM
Playing around on my phone in an idle moment, I found some Pat tunes that were free to download to create ringtones. Have You Heard or It’s Just Talk are very tempting :) However, I dont know enough about how the industry works to know whether this is all above other words does Pat (and all the other musicians whose work is freely available) benefit from this? Or is it pirated in some way? It isnt at all clear and I want to know Pat et al arent losing out. Just wondering...
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May 31 2011
at 12:04 PM
Bookmark and Share I agree with "surroundman." I used the iPhone app to load Are You Going With Me on my phone and I love it! Every time I get a call, I pause to answer, so I can listen to my (still) favorite Pat tune.
May 31 2011
at 10:16 AM
Bookmark and Share If You have a legally bought Metheny CD I don´t think it is illegal to convert this CD with ITunes for example to add this file to Your mobile phone and use it as a ringtone. I did it myself with "Bright Size Life" one of my still favourite Pat tunes and my ringtone for over 2 years now.
May 30 2011
at 7:56 PM
Bookmark and Share Fair enough, let´s all write to sprint so that they make some proposal to Pat and we can get Metheny´s ringtones. That way when my cellphone rings I will know for sure it´s mine and not someone else´s around :)
Bob Meyrick
May 30 2011
at 3:30 AM
Bookmark and Share Penny, if you can’t use the Pat tunes, there’s always the Crazy Frog...
May 29 2011
at 4:26 PM
Bookmark and Share What about the iPhone app: Ringtone maker? Apparently, you can use this on any song in your iTunes collection to make a ringtone. Is this "legal" and authorized?
May 28 2011
at 12:55 PM
Bookmark and Share Don’t get me started on ringtones.
May 28 2011
at 10:33 AM
Bookmark and Share I know Sprint has their own ring tone store which is an officially endorsed service, artists don’t get ripped off (just the customers who pay 1.50 American for a 20 second tone). Websites though can be a different story. I think it’s best to buy from your cell phone provider directly.
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