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May 25 2011
at 12:49 PM
Is it just me, or is the first track on "Sophisticated Ladies" simply awesome. I had no idea who the vocalist was, just assuming she was some jazz legend. But it is newcomer Melody Gardot. She sure has the voice of a legend. There is so much detail, so many nuances, and wonderful phrasing in that song, "If I’m Lucky". What a talent. Does anyone agree?
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Dec 02 2012
at 1:13 PM
Bookmark and Share "Doing the sex thing", that sounds like something really dirty and lowdown. I thought Hicktown didn’t exist in real life, but apparently I was wrong.
Nov 28 2012
at 6:43 PM
Bookmark and Share "franksexton"-To me,I think beauty and substance work well together. And these ladies have both! And if Marian the Librarian gave you a frown,she probably hasn’t bothered to listen.
Nov 28 2012
at 9:48 AM
Bookmark and Share I just checked out the Melody Gardot cd "The absence" from my library. First thing I noticed was the librarian (a female) frowning as she handed me the cd, whitch features Melody apparently lying naked covered only by a blanket. I have noticed other female singers doing the sex thing (Dianna Krall and Elaine Ellias come to mind) and to me it takes away from their singing. I don’t find it to be "Sophisticated" at all.
Nov 21 2012
at 8:50 AM
Bookmark and Share I’m waiting to get Melody Gardot’s cd from my library.
Nov 01 2012
at 4:19 PM
Bookmark and Share Excellent singer.
Oct 31 2012
at 6:19 AM
Bookmark and Share Just saw a program on UK SKY Arts on Melody Gardot. What a voice and presence and song writing ability. She has had Vince Mendoza as an orchestrator.
May 26 2011
at 1:58 PM
Bookmark and Share I agree, sunship. I have her album called Worrisome Heart, which really is worth a listen. At first I didn’t recognize her vocals on track #1 of Haden’s very ‘sophisticated’ album. I saw Melody at North Sea Jazz 2 or 3 years ago, and she started her show talking about the accident and its effects, and how music became her therapy. Impressive story, as was the show.
May 25 2011
at 10:08 PM
Bookmark and Share Ms. Gardot is fantastique! Even more interesting is she came to singing as recovery for (I believe) a bicycling accident with a car.
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