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SUBJECT: Good Things Happen Slowly Back to Subjects
Sep 05 2015
at 7:16 PM
I just received the October edition of DownBeat magazine and our fellow garager: Fred Hersch is featured on the cover! Fred - what a great article! I too, was in a coma (for eight days) back in 2005 when I broke my neck at C2. I can really relate to much of what you are talking about in this article and am looking forward to hearing your new CD. Congratulations!
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From: Message:
Sep 10 2015
at 3:25 AM
Bookmark and Share and that Chicago chart would be..." Searchin’ "...
Sep 08 2015
at 10:07 PM
Bookmark and Share Your thread subject line reminds me of a line from an old Chicago song: good things in life take a long time. Which has lots of truth to it, although there should also be room for serendipity ...
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