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Apr 26 2015
at 6:50 PM
Has there ever been a live document of this band? This record means more to me as time goes by. Sure would love to hear recordings of what happened in front of audiences.
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Apr 29 2015
at 9:34 AM
Bookmark and Share Yes, they did tour. And I would be surprised if any recordings weren’t made. Though I am not sure whether or not Jack DeJohnette was able to attend to any leg of the tour. In any case, I am sure that gigs with a line-up consisting of Ornette, Pat, Charlie and Denardo were played, but I’m not sure if any concerts with the whole quintet took place. Personally, if indeed any live recordings exist, I’m hoping that they would release something next year, since it will be the 30th anniversary of the original recording. For me Song X is among the top 3 most important albums of my life, possibly even THE one most important recording. The 20th anniversary release managed to improve the album further by the additions made to it. I’ve become so familiar with the sounds on the album that it represents peacefulness, calm and silence to me. I also think that the album is generally appreciated more and more as time goes by. In my mind, a true classic! Would absolutely love to hear some live recordings! (ps: Pat’s podcast about Song X is also an extremely worthwhile listen!)
Apr 28 2015
at 12:48 PM
Bookmark and Share did they ever tour ?
Apr 27 2015
at 7:09 PM
Bookmark and Share No official release certainly but what a wonder it’d be. Like wild horses laughing and running in the sun I imagine. I recently revisited this record and at significant volume on a decent system it’ll lift you up. I don’t claim to technically understand everything here but the consciousness behind it, the heart and strength and reach for something more is plain as day. Maybe someday we’ll get more of this band’s music.
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