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Dec 16 2014
at 7:39 PM
Of all the Pat concerts you have seen ( or not seen ) , if you could go back in time and pick one to see (again) , what one would it be. Personally I have fallen in love with the Imaginary Day/ Paul Masson Venue DVD, I would pick that to see. So .... Name your dream concert, and perhaps specific venue, to see .
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Jul 22 2015
at 9:42 PM
Bookmark and Share Marc, all I can say is ’Dream come true ’ . Actually , shortly after that concert they went to Europe, Japan etc, but returned to California in July 2014 to initiate their American tour . They made a deal with the Mondavi Center in Davis CA (my town ) to rehearse 2-days for their new routines for the upcoming tour and because it was sort of last minute the tickets were also unusually cheap. The show was incredible, Pat did beautiful solos and duets along with group performances, a 3 hour concert, for me it made that summer so memorable.
Jul 19 2015
at 7:46 AM
Bookmark and Share I have seen Pat so many times and with so many different musicians that I have lost count. Every show has been great and Pat never gives less than 100percent. But I may have to give the most memorable show to the March 11, 2014 PMUG at the Chicago Symphony Center. I helped sponsor the gig so I got to go backstage after the show to meet the band. The show was incredible and Pat performed duets with everybody. The entire night was like a dream coming to life. The first thing you see when you walk into my condominium is the poster from the show signed by Pat and the group. I had them sign with metallic Sharpies so when light hits them the glow. This will be one show I will never forget.
Jul 03 2015
at 11:45 PM
Bookmark and Share Bob, you were so fortunate to see all these concerts in the best venues in the West ! Damn, I wish Pat would recreate retrospective concerts for his loyal fans, I love so many of those tunes from 20 or 30 years ago.
Jun 30 2015
at 12:05 AM
Bookmark and Share I was at the first two of the three Paul Mason Winery shows, and they were very special, especially September 15th, which happens to be my birthday. But I think the show at UC Berkeley’s Greek Theater on the We Live Here tour was the best performance by PMG that I have seen. The acoustics were great, the set included both AYGWM and Half Life of Absolution, and, while it was a 100+ degree day in the rest of the Bay Area, it was foggy and in the low 60s at the theater. I’d also have to list my first Pat concert, the Still Life tour in Miami, FL. I didn’t know quite what to expect and found my mouth hanging open several times during the night. But every one has been special.
Apr 14 2015
at 6:24 PM
Bookmark and Share My Dream Concert was ’Secret Story’- from New Brunswick, NJ. I would give my left pinky, to hear ’Understanding’ live. I could not figure out what type of guitar Pat used on ’Above The treetops’, having never seen it before. The syncopated (correct me if I’m incorrect) downbeat on ’Rain River’, among other cuts. A close second would have been Pat with Jack DeJohnette , Dave Holland, and Herbie Hancock at the Mellon Jazz Festival, ’Silver hollow’ is haunting, and the ending with A Funked-up ’Cantaloupe Island’. I can see where Pat would replace Jerry Garcia rumors, came from.
Mar 20 2015
at 9:12 AM
Bookmark and Share Like others, hard to pick among so many great PMG, Solo, Trio, Unity, etc. concerts but the first one has to be the "dream" concert -- sitting on the floor in a small gymnasium on the Brown campus in 1978, the music so fresh and new, just a quartet, seeing Pat’s "hop" on the crescendos and the blue striped shirt for the first time. Other "dream" moments that still resonate with me include a train passing behind the Group as they played "Last Train Home" at an outdoor concert in Pittsburgh in the late 1980’s; hearing "The Way Up" in concert in LA, everyone’s heads bobbing up and down with the rhythm of the first movement; Richard Bona’s bass playing and vocals on the SON tour in a high school performing arts center in Cleveland; the harmonica player and back-up guitar player on the SS tour; watching the Orchestrion; sitting front row at one of the Solo concerts at The Manchester Craftsman’s Guild in Pittsburgh, Pat’s discarded guitar picks falling at my feet, scribbling notes to myself to try to remember all the great tunes he put together in his acoustic medley; reconnecting with two of my college classmates who were with me at the first concert in 1978 after over 35 years to hear the Unity Group show in Schenectady last year. As I’ve said before, Pat’s music is truly "the soundtrack of my life". Long live the dream, dream of the return....
Mar 20 2015
at 1:00 AM
Bookmark and Share after almost 35 years and 94 concerts with pat . it is difficult to pick one. during the first circle tour pmg played at the santa Barbra county bowl, the same venue as the joni Mitchell tour,what a great venue, the next night we saw them at the universal amphitheater , there was a added show at the last minute at the uc Irvine bren center. general admission . I dropped my wife off at some friends house where they could relax and come about 30 minutes before the show. so I arrive a couple of hours early, the place was dark ,no one in the box office or any where else. there was a semi from which they were unloading equipment, I just walked around and tried to pass the time. then 2 cars pulled up, parked by the semi and who gets out,,,, I mumbled "great", pat then asked me if I wanted to go in and watch the sound check. they played about a half hour and then pat came over and we talked for about 20 minutes. a really awesome night!!!!the group signed my shirt, yes I still have it!! . pat was then and still now a very kind person , the second was the the way up tour, to see them play the complete score was amazing, to watch Antonio play this rather large percussion instrument and suddenly throw it back over his head where someone caught it. we stayed after and got pictures with pat and Antonio and a few minutes to talk with them. Michael
Mar 17 2015
at 2:33 AM
Bookmark and Share Of the 20 or so i have attended it is really hard to choose. Each concert carries it own personal back story (who i was with, talking to Pat or Lyle, or the speciality of the venue) making it unique. In addition, i enjoy Lyle as much as Pat so it is interesting that my favorite may be the Secret Story tour, without Lyle. I think it was because the sonic wall Pat created was so big, so smooth, so full and yet so intense. Also, the acoustics at the marin civic auditorium (San Rafael, CA) was so great. As for imaginary day the CD was pretty good but live was fantastic, saw it three times in CA.
Mar 16 2015
at 7:05 PM
Bookmark and Share And of course, I’d have loved to have been at one of the Joni gigs with Pat, Jaco, Lyle. Although I still think Pat and Lyle were under utilised on those songs (great though Joni is on guitar/dulcimer).
Mar 16 2015
at 7:01 PM
Bookmark and Share Foolishly I missed PMG’s Still Life gig in London coz of another gig. When I heard about it afterwards from my brothers I nearly cried. But two years later I caught the Letter from Home gig in London and that remains the greatest musical experience of my life, maybe just about equalled by We Live Here gig, Imaginary Day gig, Secret Story gig, Way Up gig, Speaking of Now gig, Kin gig etc etc lol. Now the gig I missed Still Life for was Brecker’s group with Nussbaum, Stern, Joey C... Don’t get the wrong idea, it was a great gig. But the trouble was they were made to play support to Stanley Jordan, a great musician, sure, but not touching me in the same way. So they played quite a short but intense set. Plus the RFH lacks the magic of Hammersmith on a Pat night. My brothers were ecstatic about the PMG after, and I knew I’d missed something truly special. I’ll survive! ha ha
Mar 14 2015
at 5:31 PM
Bookmark and Share Every one I’ve been to!!!
Mar 13 2015
at 3:31 PM
Bookmark and Share Damn... Offramp was such a good album ! I wish there would be a 21st century version of this hauntingly beautiful, synthy, mournful, offbeat , upbeat, groovy album. And to hear the concert in person, I’d give everything... But, who knows what Pat will come up with next ..... And it’s all good !
Feb 27 2015
at 2:29 PM
Bookmark and Share Du Maurier jazzfest 1999 ... first live show ... beloved daughter in utero ... unforgettable!
Jan 07 2015
at 9:37 AM
Bookmark and Share Yes, as time goes by I realize how special that line-up was...with Jaco, Don Alias and Brecker. Unfortunately all passing way too early. And Joni really let everyone stretch out and make the music theirs. I still get goosebumps when I play the DVD or cd.
Jan 04 2015
at 12:39 AM
Bookmark and Share That was a brilliant tour, Hambone. Saw two shows myself: first night at the OKCity zoo and a few days later in East St. Louis. Joni couldn’t have put together a better band for that music--& only a couple of years out from the White Album!
Mike S.
Jan 03 2015
at 2:14 PM
Bookmark and Share Rob in CT, I saw PMG at Toad’s Place in New Haven for the first time I think right around the release of American Garage. Thanks for bringing up the memory!
Mike S.
Jan 03 2015
at 2:11 PM
Bookmark and Share Oh FOPER!!! I am so sad for you!!!! I saw them perform The Way Up in Boston and again in Montreal!!! It was absolutely amazing!!!! It’s just too difficult to choose which was the best of the 20 or so times I saw PMG live!!!
Dec 31 2014
at 4:02 PM
Bookmark and Share Still have to say my 2 were the Shadows and Light tour with Joni in 79 or Travels tour in 83, both at the Mann Music Center in Philly. Both outside, summer events with the music an magic just flowing through the air...
Rob B in CT
Dec 23 2014
at 2:37 PM
Bookmark and Share jk: My recollection is that Pat performed upstairs at Mad Murphy’s when I saw him in January 1978. Was the Rusty Nail in CT, too? I like your version of a dream concert!
Dec 21 2014
at 7:00 PM
Bookmark and Share there is a good chance i saw pat at mad murphy’s too. it would have been down stairs. the band i was working for was upstairs but i can’t be sure. so, out of my 70 pat shows, i’d still like to see the "official" first one again at the rusty nail. i helped them load in and then there were only like 5 people in the audience. 1978, i quess. of course you mentioned dream show. that would be pat, hornsby, fagen, joni, dejohnette, holland, hancock in hawaii - all expenses paid. if stevie wonder wants to show up . . .
Dec 20 2014
at 7:26 PM
Bookmark and Share Cathy. ... That’s really special !!! . Just a while ago I was listening to September 15 and asking myself what that date meant, and found out it was the day of Bill Evans death. Of course Bill Evans was a major mentor for both Pat and Lyle Mays, and that I’m sure nailed the tune for inclusion on Wichita. .. Definitely you !
Dec 20 2014
at 12:15 AM
Bookmark and Share I’ve been to many concerts....quite frankly every one of them were memorable....NEVER was disappointed.....but really treasured the concert we went to in Kentucky...and they played....September!! That was the first song I had ever heard them play....that tune opened up a whole new world of music for me ...and now, they were playing it live!!! What made it even more special was that I had met Pat in San Diego at a meet and greet and asked if they could play that song...he said that they had never played it live to hear that beautiful tune played at that concert was a wonderful memory I will never forget...
Dec 19 2014
at 12:24 PM
Bookmark and Share someone wrote once about seeing Pat sit in somewhere in Connecticut while Pat was vacationing and playing a bunch of Hendrix tunes. That would have been awsome.
Dec 18 2014
at 3:10 PM
Bookmark and Share This doesn’t really address the topic, but only follows up on what Rob said: I saw Pat & the Group at the Magician’s Theater, a small venue in Tulsa, the fall after the Joni tour. Back then, he was still doing a long jam on "House of the Rising Sun" and showcasing tunes from the first few records. Seems like there were only a hundred or so people there, and it was wild to see Pat & Co. in a little club like that.
Dec 18 2014
at 1:52 PM
Bookmark and Share 1981 or 1982 at the old Ripley Music Hall in Philly. Tightly packed, great show. Apparently they had just finished or were about to finish a tour and according to Pat the guy who owned the place had booked them when they were starting out, so to return the favor they played 2 shows in 1 night there. Went upstairs to the bathroom and saw the tapes spinning. Some of that evening wound up on the Travels album.
Dec 18 2014
at 9:50 AM
Bookmark and Share Speaking of now tour 2002 Lake Buena Vista,FL at the house of blues.Seen Pat at least 30 times and this is the one I would like to see again.I was at the front of the stage and the feeling in the club was pure magic.I’ve enjoyed all the vocalist in the group over the years but there was something special about what Richard Bona brought to the group with his singing and bass playing.They blew the roof off the place and in my opinion!!
Dec 17 2014
at 7:47 PM
Bookmark and Share Day Trip tour w/ Christain McBride & Antonio Sanchez at Humphrey’s by the Bay, San Diego. This was an outdoor venue on a very comfortable August night. Before they came on stage the entire crowd caught a glimpse of a whirling, spinning, light in the sky. It was sort of like silent fireworks. Spinning and ejecting glimmers of white light as if we were in a CGI movie. The crowd was in awe! Next thing we knew Pat took the stage and I like to think their rendition of Question & Answer was enhanced by the earlier phenomon. By the way a nearby Air Force base claimed it was one of those "weather ballons"
Dec 17 2014
at 3:51 PM
Bookmark and Share toss-up between the concerts from the "Secret Story" and "The Way Up" tours
Dec 17 2014
at 3:41 PM
Bookmark and Share I regret not seeing "The Way Up".
Rob B in CT
Dec 17 2014
at 12:13 PM
Bookmark and Share Pat Metheny Group performing at a small club in Hartford named Mad Murphy’s, January 1978, a few months before the ’Pat Metheny Group’ album was released. Though I had seen Pat several times previously with Gary Burton’s band and owned all his recorded work, this show transformed me immediately from being a fan to a FAN. The freshest, most inspiring music I had ever heard.
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