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Nov 20 2014
at 9:29 AM
I searched the community but couldn’t find mention of Kerri Chandler’s cover of ’Are You Going With Me?’ Kerri’s a legend of sorts in the dance community - a highly respected producer, writer, and DJ. v=swGuUUYad0s
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Jan 08 2015
at 7:54 AM
Bookmark and Share man, you guys are BRUTAL
Jan 07 2015
at 11:04 AM
Bookmark and Share ............tantamount to painting a replica of the Mona Lisa with a nose ring added
Jan 04 2015
at 11:08 AM
Bookmark and Share sounds like common drivel dance pop to me
Dec 04 2014
at 9:55 PM
Bookmark and Share I didn’t hear any improvs. The keyboard and guitar solos sounded note-for-note like the originals from Offramp. Not necessarily a bad thing, but it didn’t really take the song in a new direction for me.
Dec 03 2014
at 11:16 AM
Bookmark and Share not bad .. for me the theme in the background was overdone .. gave it kand of a disco trearment but the synth improvs were very good.
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