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SUBJECT: How Pat Doesn’t Define Himself Back to Subjects
Oct 17 2014
at 11:52 PM
In a recent interview with the Sydney Morning Herald, Pat said, "I don’t even think of myself as a guitar player. To me, it’s a thing hanging around [my] neck. I spend a lot of time with it and it’s sort of become my best translation device for ideas." A translator, yes, using the highest form of language--music--to bridge our disparate worlds.
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Oct 20 2014
at 11:14 PM
Bookmark and Share Roxanne ... I love it.!! ’ I don’t even think of myself as a guitar player, just something that hangs around my neck ’. Wow! That separates him from 99percent of guitar players. It’s the creativity that distinguishes Pat, every Metheny tune sounds like a distinct entity...... Maybe not something you really like, maybe, but, then 10 years later you realize there is genius in those tunes you didn’t initially understand. Composing is what defines his greatness, despite the fact he plays the guitar like nobody else.
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