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Sep 14 2014
at 10:18 AM
Though some jazz purists may not have fully appreciated his gifts, I am truly sad to hear of the passing of the great Joe Sample. The jazz world, and music world at large, has lost a giant.
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Oct 13 2014
at 6:43 AM
Bookmark and Share He did the STREET LIFE, the only way to go. A long Crusade.
Oct 11 2014
at 8:08 PM
Bookmark and Share Oh yes, yossarian. As Robert Bly says so eloquently: " We did not come here to remain whole. / We came to lose our leaves like the trees, / The trees that are broken / And start again, drawing up from the great roots." -- Starting Miles’ autobiography soon. About time. One of the "great roots", one of the major trunks.
Oct 10 2014
at 7:58 AM
Bookmark and Share My wife used to love his playing. "Hippies on the Corner" is the one I remember. RIP
Sep 29 2014
at 5:24 PM
Bookmark and Share Oh no, Kenny Wheeler and now this. Joe’s playing and compositions were great. Really sad.
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