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Feb 11 2011
at 12:40 AM
As promissed I would report on the first RTF concert That was held in Perth Western Australia 9 Feb.After the third number Chick addressed the audience and said we should call this a rehearsal night. You could clearly see they where not sure of when to come in on their solos and lots of volume and tone tweaking on thier instruments. After saying all that it was still one of the best concerts I have ever seen. Lenny’s drumming was amazing to see live,Stanley was having a blast,Jean added that something else,Frank made guitar playing look easy( his tone was spot on)And Chick, well what can you say,his touch on grand paino was lilting to dynamic and masterfull on electric keyboards.By the time they get to you guys they wont be "rehearsing" they will be blowing your heads off.I wish I could be there.For an encore, Stanley’s School Days just set us off, what a night, I hope your night is as good as ours was.
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Jul 13 2011
at 5:10 PM
Bookmark and Share Old fusion never die, it just matures :)
Jul 13 2011
at 7:59 AM
Bookmark and Share Looking forward to the show in Philadelphia in August....
Jul 12 2011
at 9:01 PM
Bookmark and Share I caught ’em in Ottawa, review here:
Jul 11 2011
at 8:59 AM
Bookmark and Share Well tilbanup, RTF played in Holland at the North Sea Jazz Fest last friday and let me tell you, they weren’t rehearsing anymore! They tore the roof off. RTF4 have evolved into a real band, not just 5 egos. For me especially it was great to see Jean-Luc Ponty live for the first, and probably the last time in my life. He adds something very special and magical to this kind of music. Also Stanley Clarke was in top form and the complete band was having a ball. This one enters my top 10 list of best concerts.
Feb 12 2011
at 6:35 AM
Bookmark and Share Dazecat says "Fusion heads unite!!!" Right on, I say!!!!
s in Boston
Feb 11 2011
at 12:26 PM
Bookmark and Share Frank looks so relaxed when he’s playing, it’s almost comical.
Feb 11 2011
at 12:03 PM
Bookmark and Share Yes, thanks for the review. Fusion heads unite!!!
Tom Rudd
Feb 11 2011
at 8:14 AM
Bookmark and Share Sounds Awesome! Thanks for the report.
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