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SUBJECT: The Allman Bros Band: The Fillmore Concerts Back to Subjects
Aug 05 2014
at 4:34 PM
A new 6 CD set with previously unreleased recordings of the ABB’s stint at the Fillmore in 1971. Confirms that Duane Allman was/is the greatest rock/blues guitarist ever (Hendrix didn’t play slide). Don’t miss this addendum to the greatest live album in history.
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Aug 12 2014
at 3:38 PM
Bookmark and Share Duane indeed was the rare rock/blues guitarist who could solo for 10 plus minutes and not sound boring or repetitive. Miss Skydog immensely.
Aug 06 2014
at 7:41 AM
Bookmark and Share Duane Allman was my idol back in the day. I just wanted to be him with that maroon SG and Coricidin bottle slide. Whenever I hear bits of Fillmore East or Eat a Peach I still get goosebumps. Those guys were good. Who knows what Duane would would have ended up doing musically had he lived. The ABB was way ahead of their time with the original lineup and broke many musical boundaries.
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